September Guidance

September Guidance
Our Character Education class is participating in a character-building unit of study for the
month of September on “being kind.” We define being kind as being good or helpful. Pickett
will help your child explore the characteristics of being kind through participation in many
activities. The aim of each activity is to help strengthen each student’s concept of being kind at
Pickett Elementary, home, and in the community.
We know you will want to share in this learning experience at home and therefore invite
you to do so by discussing the concept of “being kind” with your child. Topics you might
consider are recent events or famous people who demonstrate kindness to others, or being
helpful in school, home or the community.
The classroom and home activities will empower your child to make positive choices and
experience the impact and value of being kind in our society. This is a win-win for everyone.
Therefore, thank you in advance for any and every conversation you have to help your child
process the concept and importance of “being kind.”