SMOD Policy (English)


Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, all students in Lexington City Schools (LCS) are required to wear Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD). The Lexington City School Board of Education believes a safe and disciplined learning environment is essential to maximize student achievement and to ensure that students reach their full potential. The implementation of SMOD will promote respect for oneself and others, build school spirit, decrease unhealthy competition involving fashion trends, reduce the strain on parental clothing budgets, and allow for easy identification of intruders on campus.

Information Dissemination

School officials will communicate with parents/guardians information concerning the uniform policy through newsletters, parent meetings, parent/student handbooks, media (newspaper, TV, and/or radio), flyers, and posters.


The principal will implement the SMOD policy in a manner that is developmentally appropriate. Good judgment in considering age, developmental stages, and body type are expected of all students, parents, and guardians in the selection of school attire and overall appearance. SMOD must be neat, clean, properly fitted, age-appropriate and suitable for the learning environment. In addition to being required to wear SMOD, all students are expected to be groomed and dressed appropriately for school activities. A student’s dress and/or appearance will:

  • support, not disrupt, the learning environment;
  • constitute no threat to health or safety;
  • not be provocative or obscene; and
  • reflect practices of good hygiene and cleanliness.

Waiver/Opt-out Requests

Reasonable consideration will be given for students who request a waiver of a particular guideline for dress or appearance because of a sincerely held religious belief or medical issue. The parent or guardian must submit a waiver request in writing on the Waiver Request Form to the school principal or the principal’s designee on an annual basis. In considering a waiver request, the principal and/or principal’s designee have the right to request additional documentation from medical officials and/or religious leaders.

Reasonable Accommodations

The principal or the principal’s designee will make reasonable accommodation for students involved in special duties, activities, or projects approved by the school. This could include but not be limited to athletics, career and technical education, physical education, special events, and other activities that require non-conforming dress on a school campus during a school-sponsored event. Students may be excused from wearing SMOD during special school events such as Homecoming, Spirit Day, Picture Day, or others as named by the principal or designee. SMOD will be optional for students who attend the South Lexington Developmental Center .

Financial Considerations

Parents and/or guardians who have concerns about the affordability of a school uniform should contact the school guidance office. The guidance counselor will assist the family with identifying community resources. Students who enroll in Lexington City Schools during the school year will be given support during the enrollment process to assist with immediate compliance to the SMOD Policy. The school system will not be responsible for funding SMOD for students. Each school will maintain a SMOD Closet to provide appropriate attire when students are not dressed in SMOD, to assist new students, and to facilitate the recycling of SMOD garments within the school community.

SMOD Requirements

  1. Shirts, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Coats
    1. PK-12 students must wear shirts with a collar and sleeve and may choose from the following solid colors: white, gray, navy blue, royal blue, or orange.
    2. With the exception of school insignia/logos, shirts may not have logos, labels, words, or pictures larger than one square inch.
    3. Shirts must be appropriately sized and must hang no more than three inches below the hip bone. Shirts with “tails” or uneven bottoms, or any shirt that hangs more than three inches below the hip bone must be tucked in. Shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff.
    4. Undergarments may not be visible at any time.
    5. Students may wear a SMOD -colored T-shirt or SMOD -colored turtle neck under the SMOD collared shirt.
    6. No see-through or mesh clothing that will reveal the body or undergarments will be allowed.
    7. Clothing will be worn appropriately (not inside-out or backwards, not partially on, etc.).
    8. Students may wear a SMOD colored sweater or SMOD colored sweatshirt without pockets over the SMOD
    9. Coats may not be worn inside the classroom. Exceptions may be made by the principal or designee in the case of heating malfunction.
    10. Coats, SMOD colored sweaters, and SMOD colored sweatshirts with “hoods” are acceptable, but the student is prohibited from wearing the hood on the head while inside any school building.
    11. Pants, Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers, Capri Length Pants, Shorts
  2. Colors: solid khaki, navy blue, or black
  3. With the exception of school approved logos, pants, skirts, jumpers, capris and shorts may not have logos, labels, words, or pictures larger than one square inch.
  4. All must be free of graphics, laces, and embroidery.
  5. Shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers will be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee when standing.
  6. No splits or slits in skirts or pants will be allowed.
  7. No jeans or overalls will be allowed.
  8. No cargo pants or cargo shorts will be allowed.
  9. Form fitting or skin tight material, bedroom pants, lounge pants, or exercise pants will not be allowed.
  10. Clothing must be appropriately sized. No baggy or sagging pants or shorts are allowed. No “low rise” clothing is allowed. Pants with a waist below the hip bone must not be worn.
  11. Pant bottoms cannot have ragged or torn edges and cannot drag on the floor.
  12. Clothing will be worn appropriately (not worn inside-out or backwards, no rolled up pants legs, or no pants tucked into shoes or socks).
  13. No see-through or mesh clothing that will reveal the body or undergarments will be allowed.
  14. If worn, belts must be appropriately sized, buckled and not hanging below belt loops. Buckles should be plain and regular size, no larger than a credit card. Students will be given a belt to wear during the school day if pants are not appropriately sized.
  15. Footwear
  16. Shoes that have laces must be laced and tied. Laces must match shoe color or be black, brown, or white.
  17. No bedroom shoes, “Heelies,” spike heels, or any shoes with heels greater than three inches will be allowed.
  18. No flip flops for students in grades PK-5.
  19. Sock colors: black, brown, gray, navy blue, white, and SMOD colors
  20. Socks must match each other and, if worn, must be worn on both feet.
  21. Accessories
  22. Jewelry cannot be a distraction to the learning environment or present a safety hazard.
  23. Jelly bracelets are not permitted.
  24. No adornment is allowed that reasonably could be perceived as or used as a weapon (such as chains or spikes).
  25. No sweatbands, head wraps, hats, doo-rags, skull caps, bandanas, picks, or combs will be worn inside school buildings.
  26. Students may wear neckties with SMOD colored dress shirts. If worn, neckties may be any color or design as long as they are not disruptive to the educational process.
  27. Leggings in any SMOD color may be worn only as an accessory under skirts, skorts, dresses, shorts, pants, or capris that meet SMOD
  28. No pins, buttons, stickers, or other items which are patently vulgar, lewd, offensive, or which materially and substantially interfere with the education process are permitted to be worn on a student’s SMOD. Any allowable pins, buttons, stickers, or other items shall be no more than 3 inches in diameter.
  29. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building.
  30. Hair

No “cut-ins” in hair or brows will be allowed.

Consistent Enforcement

The principal or the principal’s designee will ensure that the SMOD policy is enforced in a consistent manner and require the student and the student’s parent or guardian to take appropriate action to remedy situations determined to be in conflict with this policy. Disciplinary action will be taken for violation of the SMOD Policy in accordance with the LCS Board of Education Code of Student Conduct. Appropriate disciplinary actions for violations will include the following:

First Offense: Students will be informed that they have violated the policy. They will be given the opportunity to change into acceptable clothing by using available clothes at school or by calling a parent/guardian to bring clothes. If the student refuses, he/she may be placed in in-school suspension for the remainder of the day.

Second Offense: A second infraction of the policy will be considered defiance. In addition to the disciplinary actions available for a first offense, a parent/guardian conference will be held.

Third (and additional) Offenses: A third or additional infraction of the policy will be addressed according to Board Policy entitled “Disruption of School” and disciplinary action may be imposed by the principal pursuant to Board Policy 5.3.4 entitled “Consequences of Serious Student Misconduct.”


Adopted 4/15/09

Revised 6/1/10